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"Great product guys. Your installers just left and they did a wonderful job. I will be needing the same exact stair lift installed in our lake house. Please have Mr. Johnson call me and we will get it arranged." Barry Mitchum - Chicago, IL

With very few exceptions we carry a stair lift that will meet your needs, so why not give us a call? We are always willing to talk and if we don't have a stair lift that will work for you, we will tell you so and make a recommendation on what to look for. We know that even if you don't need our services right now, you might need them in the future, and we hope that you'll always consider us when looking for a stair lift.

If you have an idea of the stair lift you need, take a look below and see what Stairlifts 4 Less has to offer. Otherwise, how about giving us a call? We're ready to help!

  1. Do you want an extended warranty?AmeriGlide Electric or Battery Stair Lifts have 10 year drive train and 5 year parts warranties for extended peace-of-mind.
  2. Do you want a heavy-duty stair lift?AmeriGlide Heavy Duty Stair Lifts can transport individuals up to 500 pounds.
  3. Do you need to save money by doing your own installation? AmeriGlide stair lifts can be installed by anyone with basic handyman skills.
  4. Do you need a commercial stair lift?Summit Stair Lifts offer base key-locks and locking controls necessary for many commercial applications.
  5. Do you want an outdoor stair lift? Outdoor options are available on the Summit AC Stair Lift or the AmeriGlide Outdoor Stair Lift.
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