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How to Measure


Print this page and write down the measurements for each step. Either call with your measurements or check out online where you'll be able to enter your measurements.

Step 1
Measure from the top stair to the bottom landing with no sagging in your tape measure.
Step 2
Next, measure from the top stair to the top of the bottom stair.
Step 3
Now measure the width of your staircase.
Step 4
We need to know how much space is available at the bottom of your stairs.  Measure from the bottom stair to the wall or other obstructions.
Step 5
Next, measure the height of one stair.
Step 6
Then measure the length of one step, from back to front.
Step 7
Now measure from the front of stair to the front of the stair below it.
Step 8
Lastly, tell us which side of your staircase will your stair lift be mounted when standing at the bottom looking up.

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