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Curved Stair Lift Information


Stair lifts are very important tools that are used by people who have difficulty climbing the stairs. For a straight staircase, a stair lift provides a cost effective means of bridging different levels in a home.

However, not all staircases are straight, so what do you do if you have a curved staircase?

If your staircase is curved, it might be necessary to buy in a curved stair lift. This option is much more expensive than a regular straight stair lift would be. However, there may be other options available, so please call one of our stair lift specialists first, before committing to purchasing a curved stair lift..

Why are Curved Stair Lifts so Expensive?

Curved Stair Lifts are so much more expensive, because are custom built to fit the specific dimensions of the staircase. This is a very time consuming process, often taking well over two months to build and install. A curved stair lift can easily cost 1000% more than a regular straight stair lift.

A curved stair lift also usually has little resale value when compared to its initial cost. This is because the stair lift track is custom made to fit your staircase. As a result, it will only work with an identical staircase. So, unless you find someone who has a staircase that is identical to yours, the curved stair lift will have a resale value that is very low.

Explore All Your Options

If you have a staircase that is curved, you might be able to do a double installation of two straight stair lifts, which can save you a great deal of money.

What is a Double Installation?

A double installation is where two stair lifts are installed onto the curved staircase. This will only work with staircases that are 'L' shaped and have a landing in between. One stair lift is installed onto each part of the staircase.

The advantage of a double installation is that you will save a good deal of money and time. Usually a straight stair lift will ship in only a few days, so you can have your stair lift installation up and running in less than a week. You can also do a self installation, which will save you a good deal of money. However, this will mean that you will have to switch stair lifts when moving up the staircase.

Please give us a call and talk with one of our stair lift specialists, to find out if a double installation will work for you.


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